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Our Services

Along with the services of Penny Lane Wealth Management we work in tandem with our partner company Penny Lane Financial.

Visit them here to find out more.

Individual Goal Planning

By helping you set your financial goals, you will more likely reach them. We are readily available to help and guide you in your financial journey. Our goal goal-planning sessions include income analysis, risk tolerance, lifestyle, and more.


Retirement Planning - Evaluation and Consulting

Many people don't think about retirement other than how much money they have saved. Realistically, retirement planning not only how much money you have saved, but the status of your investments, your overall wealth, plans for retirement and more. This is a personal and in-depth analysis to determine the best road to take.


Insurance Evaluation and Need Planning

Thinking about insurance and long-term-care isn't usually at the top of your to-do list. Let us help you navigate this subject and bring some peace of mind.


Investment Education

There is a lot of information out there about the market, investments, projections, up-turns and down-turns that decided what and where to invest can be daunting. We provide practical and individual advice and real talk to help give you direction.

Let's Work Together!
We offer free consultations

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