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Finding the right Advisor is really the road to successful money management.

At Penny Lane we offer a different way to manage your money. Take the time to find out more.

About Us

We are a Registered Investment Advisory here in Washington state. Our goal is to not only provide investments strategies and advice, but to look at your whole financial picture.

We do this in concert with our partner company, Penny Lane Financial. 

With the expertise and advice of Penny Lane's specialists you will get a full picture of how all of your financial decisions work together. This is a tremendous help when planning for everyday living as well as major life events.

Having a partner with you, helping and guiding you through investing, buying a home, getting married, retiring  or what to do when a loved one passes away, can mean so much.

We strive to make working with us a pleasant, supportive experience. Give us a call to find out more.


Financial firms will often tell you to stay the course or not to worry about the market.

We understand that is not always reasonable and that you want action taken when necessary.

Our advisors really do listen to you and will partner with you to create a plan and strategy that works for you .


Be empowered to grow your money, save your money and use your money. 

Why work with a Financial Advisor?


You put in significant effort to earn your income and aim to ensure that you manage your savings and investments prudently. A financial consultant is here to assist you in reaching your financial objectives, whether they are immediate or long-term, and in planning for unforeseen circumstances. By maintaining a continuous, cooperative connection with a financial consultant and having secure online access to your accounts at all times, you can monitor your advancement toward your objectives at your convenience and obtain prompt guidance when necessary

Color of Money Risk Analysis
To arrive at your Color of Money score, just click learn more and answer 11 questions. It's simple and will give us and you an idea of where your investments should be.
Business Meeting
What is a RIA

Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) provide comprehensive, long-term financial advice. They charge fees based on assets managed, aligning their compensation with your goals, and they act as fiduciaries, always putting your best interests first while transparently disclosing any conflicts of interest.

Portfolio Analysis Review
A Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) may help ensure your long-term investment goals remain on target. The ultimate goal of PAR is to bring your investments in line with both your risk tolerance and your ever-evolving goals. 

We prioritize your priorities. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you toward financial success. Together with your advisor, we'll thoroughly assess your financial landscape to ensure everything aligns seamlessly. Your advisor will then collaborate with you to address essential requirements, explore tax-efficient strategies, and bridge any potential gaps that could impede your desired lifestyle.

Through tailored financial guidance, your advisor will assist you in ranking current priorities while setting the stage for a financially secure future. With Penny Lane Wealth Management, you gain access to a wide spectrum of advice, ranging from personalized investment insights and asset allocation strategies to comprehensive financial planning covering every facet of your financial journey. What's more, your financial advisor can grant you access to an extensive array of solutions tailored to your unique needs, including investment options, insurance, annuities, and more.

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1804 W Union Ave, Suite 202, Tacoma, WA 98405


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