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Company 401(k)

Set up and maintance of your company's 401(k)

A 401(k) is a retirement savings plan that allows employees to save and invest a portion of their pre-tax earnings. It is offered by many employers and provides tax advantages, such as deferred taxation on contributions and earnings until withdrawals are made.

From the employer's perspective, it is an attractive benefit as it allows them to offer their employees an incentive to save for retirement while reducing their own payroll taxes. Employers may also match their employees' contributions, further incentivizing employees to save.

By working with Penny Lane Wealth Management, we can set up the 401(k), monitor it and educate the participants as to what they have and how to use it.

  • Start by providing a sample investment policy strategy.

  • Select and monitor your plan’s investments.

  • Help improve plan participation by organizing enrollment and education meetings.

  • Review the plan health and costs and offer guidance on areas to improve outcomes for your plan and participants.

Whether you are an employer or an employee we are here to offer advice and review of your current situation at no cost.

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